Recreational Activities During Winter

What better way to enjoy the winter than engage in some real outdoor fun. Don’t let the thought of numb fingers and frozen waters dampen your spirit. You cannot spend the long winter holiday all cooped up indoors. Instead check out these top winter recreational activities and choose which you would like to involve yourself with to keep your adrenalin rushing.

  1. Ice Skating. Ice skating is the most romantic sport in the whole world, a lot of movies were made around and about it. During winter especially in places where there is snow fall, there are small and large ice skating events for new learners, experts and tourists. For those who does not want to risk a frozen nose, ice skating can also be enjoyed indoors.
  2. Ice Hockey. Looking for an exhilarating winter sport? Ice hockey is for you. It is a team sport played on ice so not only do you get the physical activity you seek but you also get to socialize with your teammates.
  3. Snowmobiling. Be enchanted with the beauty of the crisp, white landscape on a snowmobile, a vehicle designed for winter travel on snow. Traverse about with friends or family and create winter memories.
  4. Sledding. This one is for the kids! Well adults too, if you love sliding down a snow covered hill sitting on a flat-base vehicle. The steeper the slope, the speedier the ride; and the speedier it gets, the more thrilling it is. There is dog sledding too wherein a pack of dogs pulls the vehicle through snow covered fields.
  5. Snowshoeing. Missing your summer walks? Take up snowshoeing! Go for a hike without sinking your foot. This is an inexpensive winter recreation since you only need to buy a pair of snowshoes and you are good to go. If you are the competitive type, you can join a snowshoeing competition.
  6. Snowboarding. Snowboarding is inspired by the winter sports like skateboarding, surfing, sledding and skiing. The rider descends a snow covered slope standing on a board attached to the rider’s feet using a special boot set onto a mounted binding.
  7. Ice Fishing. A fisherman’s dream! Just like conventional fishing, it involves fishing with lines and fishing hooks or spears. But through an opening in the frozen water.  People either wait in the open on a frozen lake or in a heated cabin on the ice waiting for their catch.
  8. Cross Country Skiing. While people normally cross a border on cars and other vehicles, a few get to do it by skiing. Cross country skiing though is one of the most arduous sports so it is not for beginners since the trail is often not maintained and no mechanical lift is used for the hills.
  9. Snow Tubing. Far back in 1820s the Alpine mountain witnessed the first snow tubing. This is just like sledding, the only difference is, the rider rides on top of an inner tube and slides down a steep hill or slope using gravity to propel the fall making it more difficult than sledding as the circular shape of the tube makes it spin while the rider attempts to control or steer the motion.

Adrenaline addiction is not bounded by the seasons. Make the most of the winters to keep the winter gloom away. Explore the snow covered backcountry, slide down a steep slope in high speed, race on snow, and walk miles after miles on some frozen river. For those who just want the simplest way to enjoy the winter, you can build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and catch a snowflake in your tongue.